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Good News! eCosway subsidises up to 100% of your shipping cost to make online shopping more affordable.
The amount of the subsidy is determined by the total purchase price and the weight of the parcel.

You can save the most by purchasing multiple items together.
The more you buy, the more you will save on shipping!

3 Ways it Pays to Buy Together

  1. When you purchase multiple items from eCosway, they are packed and sent together from our warehouse so the total shipping cost is less than it would be if the items were sent separately.

  2. The more products you buy, the higher your total purchase price will be so the higher your subsidy percentage will be.

  3. To enjoy free shipping, your total purchase must be AU$150 or more, and your parcel weight must be less than 10kg. You can combine orders with your friends & relatives and have the products delivered in one parcel to one destination through our " Multiple ID Ordering " function.

Click here to see how you can maximize freight savings to your destination.

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